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Commemorative Collectible Bass Lure

The Bomber Spin Stick was used by Stan Sloan to win Ray Scott’s very first national bass tournament – the All-American Invitational at Beaver Lake Arkansas in 1967.  It was an event that changed the sport of bass fishing forever and led to the creation of B.A.S.S. in 1968.

After its re-issue in 1998 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of B.A.S.S., I obtained a limited quantity of Spin Sticks for my personal collection recognizing its historical value not only for B.A.S.S. but for me personally.  Stan and Don, both deceased, were dear friends and important figures in my life and my career.  Over the years, I asked them both to sign my lures and then added my own signature.

Now on the 40th anniversary of B.A.S.S. I am proud to release a limited quantity of these historical bass lures to the anglers who would most appreciate their value – B.A.S.S. members.  And, I hope you treasure their historical significance as much as I do.



The food chain of a healthy fishing lake or pond is a universe of underwater activity - from tiny plankton and insects, to forage fish, to the supreme feisty black bass.

However, the food chain is no stronger than its weakest link. That's why I use Sweeney Automatic Fish Feeders to feed my forage fish with Purina fish feed. I know that when my forage fish are well fed, my bass will be fat, healthy and fast growing.

My automatic fish feeders go off like clockwork, everyday all year round. Sweeney automatic fish feeders and Purina Fish Chow are an important part of my food chain and part of my personal management for TROPHY BASS. They have helped me produce an incredible fishery. They can work for you too. 

Ray Scott – Founder of B.A.S.S

Ray Scott Ball Caps



Good Fishing Starts With Good Waters...
No one knows that better than veteran lake/pond builder Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). After a lifelong passion for building bass lakes, Scott shares his down to earth techniques and unique ideas for creating Great Small Waters and ideal bass habitat in a 3 volume video series.

Available on VHS or DVD


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In 1967, a young Alabamian walked away from a successful career to follow his own dream - Bass Fishing. Some thought Ray Scott was crazy, but he went on to achieve fame and fortune by founding the world's largest sportfishing organization, the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) and creating an entire industry in the process. Read the life story of this Master Fisherman / Salesman and be ready to stay up late.


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Prospecting & Selling

Nothing happens in sales until you have a prospect to sell to….

That has always been the deceptively simple premise of Ray Scott’s sales philosophy.  Get a prospect to listen to your message and things happen. Figure out how to keep a constant supply of prospects and you’ve got one foot firmly planted on the road to success. Combine a steady stream of prospective customers with sure-fire sales techniques and you’re up and running toward selling super-stardom

Ray Scott enthusiastically shares his own tried-and-true “Cycle of Success” in his book Prospecting and Selling--From a Fishing Hole to a Pot of Gold.  He describes how he honed his skills and his system in a highly successful career in insurance sales and then used his methods and entrepreneurial philosophies to create two multi-billion-dollar outdoor industries from his own personal hobbies -- the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the Whitetail Institute of North America.

 Today Scott shares his inspiring story in speaking engagements to groups large and small, in an educational, entertainment or motivational context.